The Internet Commodities and Futures Exchange™

Article 1

a) This Code of Professional Ethics (hereinafter called the “Code”) outlines the minimum accepted standards
of integrity, professionalism and confidentiality, of which all members of the Internet Commodities and
Futures Exchange (“ICFX™“or the “Association”) shall be bound to respect as Professional Internet Traffic

b) All Candidates confirm and agree to comply and adhere to all provisions of this Code.

c) The ICFX™ Council shall impose penalties for any breach of the rules of the profession as defined in this
Code. Penalties shall include termination of Membership and of all Membership Benefits

Article 2

a) Members of the Association shall be bound by the strictest privacy, which must be observed towards all
clients. Privacy includes but is not limited to any information disclosed in the course of the practice of the

b) Members shall provide complete confidentiality of client contact information, web site URL(s), strategies
and objectives while performing any online marketing campaign or promotional service, unless otherwise
instructed by the client.

Article 3

a) Members of the Association shall not accept any assignment for which they are not qualified. Acceptance
of an assignment shall imply a moral undertaking by the Member, to work with all due professionalism.

b) Any Member of the Association that solicits assistance from other Professional Internet Traffic Arbitrageurs,
Internet Marketers or Service Providers, must take reasonable measures to ensure compliance of all parties to the
same terms and provisions of this Code.

Article 4

a) Members of the Association shall not accept any assignment, campaign or activities that may lead to dilution
of the integrity and dignity of the profession.

b) Members shall refrain from any act which might bring the Association into disrepute.

Article 5

For any professional purpose, Members may publicize the fact that they are Professional Marketers and members
of ICFX™, either as individuals or as part of any grouping or region to which the Member belong.

Article 6

a) It shall be the duty of Members of the Association to afford their colleagues reasonable and professional assistance
if asked and if Member can provide such assistance.

b) Members shall refrain from any utterance or action prejudicial to the interests of the Association or its Members.
Any complaint arising out of the conduct of any other Member or any disagreement regarding any decision taken
by the Association shall be pursued and settled within the Association itself.

c) Any problem pertaining to the profession which arises between two or more members of the Association may be
referred to ICFX™ for arbitration.

Article 7

With a view to ensuring the best Advertising and Online Marketing services to the public, Members of the

a) shall endeavour always to fully evaluate the Client’s short and long term marketing strategies and objectives,
and to collect as much information as possible in order to provide the Client with competent recommendations,
potential risks and rewards, advantages and alternative methods to assist the Client in achieving his/her goals
and objectives;

b) shall not intentionally use any marketing methods that may be unlawful, unethical or that may place the Client’s
online business in jeopardy, legal or otherwise;

c) shall not, under any circumstances, use any methods referred to as Search Engine, Forum, Blog or Email Spam
or Spamming;

d) shall always, when providing targeted website visitors, contract only with webmasters, search engines, networks
and content publishers that are compatible, in context or that may compliment Client’s business;

e) shall only contract for “general”, “untargeted” or “Run-Of-Network” Internet visitors with the full knowledge
and agreement of the Client;

f) shall immediately contact the Association should he/she require any additional services, programming,
additional assistance or resources, that may be needed to successfully carry out the terms and conditions of
any marketing or promotional campaign for a Client;

g) shall provide follow up reports, statistics, website visitor counts, category or keyword targeting summaries
or analysis, to provide the Client with a clear understanding or any work performed or anticipated.

Article 8

Members of the Association shall neither accept nor offer for themselves or for others, any marketing campaign,
strategy, software or service that may be illegal, or contrary to the guidelines laid down in this Code or in the
Professional Standards.

Article 9

This Code may be modified by the Association amended to this Code Of Professional Ethics, by posting such
modifications to ICFX™ Member Site within 15 days of such modifications.