Internet Commodities and Futures Exchange (ICFX™) MEMBERS

Article 1

1. Active Members of the Association shall maintain verified contact information either on ICFX™ approved
web sites used for on-line marketing. Alternatively, valid Member contact information must be on file at the
Association offices.

2. The Association must be notified immediately if any Member contact information becomes invalid or unverifiable.
Member may display the Member Identification Number and Seal, and the Association website address on Member
website. Member must immediately remove all Association Identifications, Seals, Website addresses, web pages or
any other Association material upon termination of Member status with ICFX™.

Article 2

1. Active Members are encouraged to use all training materials, marketing resources, contacts and affiliations, and
agree to keep all such materials, marketing resources, contact and affiliations in confidence and not share such
information under any circumstances, with Non-Members. The goal of on-going training and assistance is to keep
member updated with the latest professional marketing methods, contacts and affiliations and to enhance Member
opportunities and professionalism.

2. The Association may provide software, programming services, web hosting, email list and management, and
other specialty services and assistance to Members as available or as may be needed from time to time. These
additional services or assistance may be provided free of charges or at a reduced rate to Active Members.
Members offering members services at reduced or special rates is also encouraged.

Article 3

1. Because launching of new concepts and ideas products or services may expose an Advertiser to the unfair
advantage of exposing Advertiser to potential competitors, theft, harassment and exposure of client’s personal
information on the Internet, Members may setup alternate web sites and domains by utilizing the Association’s
Private Domain Registration and Domain Transfer Services. ICANN, the international governing body for
Internet domain names, requires every Registrar to maintain a publicly accessible “WHOIS” database displaying
all contact information for all domain names registered.

2. Active Members opting to use a similar system or service, must meet or exceed the standards listed herein.
The Association will assist any active member desiring to establish and implement a system which meets or exceeds
the Standards outlined herein.

Article 4
No Spam – No Pop-Ups – No Frames – No Bots – No Spyware – No Malware

1. The Association requires that all active members refrain from the use or ANY marketing method that is deemed
unlawful or objectionable to an Internet User. These methods shall include, but not be limited to:
• SPAMMING – E-mail, Search Engine or Newsgroup
• POP-Ups – Pop Ups that consistently display multiple images or pop-ups
• Rotator scripts that bombard users with multiple websites
• Any Frames also knows as “Breakout” Frames
• Any use of Bots, Malware or Spyware

ANY use of the above methods or technique is grounds for immediate termination of Membership and benefits
and possible referral to the proper Law Enforcement or Regulatory Agency. In addition, the Association prohibits
the use of forged, invalid, or free e-mail address accounts in internet marketing campaigns.

Article 5

1. ICFX™ requires that all Advertisers referred to Active Members be given a clear explanation of the services to be
rendered. It is preferable that this explanation be outlined in writing and affirmed by the Advertiser;

2. ICFX™ requires that Active Members provide an additional service for an Advertiser, if the Advertiser is not
satisfied with initial service. A subsequent service shall be provided at a reduced cost, or no cost, as determined
between the Active Member and the Advertiser. In the event that Active member is unable to perform additional
services to the dissatisfied Advertiser, the Advertiser account should be referred to the Association for resolution.
The Association may then perform additional services to the Advertiser at no cost, or The Association may act as
an Arbitrator between the Active Member and the Advertiser.

3. If an Active Member cancels an Agreement with an Advertiser, the Active Member must:

a) give sound and factual reasons to the Advertiser, and

b) suggest a replacement to the Advertiser, or refer the Advertiser back to the Association for assistance.

Article 7

Except for those cases where the Association has signed an Agreement with an Advertiser, Active Members are
free to set their level of remuneration.

Article 8

Whenever Active Members of the Association provide their services free-of-charge for a charitable or humanitarian
nature, they shall respect the conditions laid down in the Code of Professional Ethics and in these Professional

Article 9

Active Members shall be unconditionally bound by the conditions which are contained in any agreements between
Active Member and their Advertisers and Clients, that are the result of negotiations, dealing, in particular,
remuneration, client satisfaction, response or visitor rates, goals, objectives or guarantees and warranties.

Article 10

These Professional Standards may be modified by a decision of the Association, and posted for Member review
and comment prior to implementation.